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Crimenet: Montivus Tyshawn NortonWTOK8 HOURS AGO

The Meridian Police Department makes a drug arrestWTOK-TV1 DAY AGO

News 11 at 10PM_Weather 7/8/24WTOK7 HOURS AGO

Meridian man pleads guilty to being a felon in possession of a firearmkicks96news.com20 MINUTES AGO

WTOKNews 11 at 10PM_Weather 7/8/24

Meridian, MS8 hours ago


WTOKWendy's 6PM live shot

Meridian, MS10 hours ago


Tropical Depression Beryl moving out, bringing a slight cooldown to the region: 7/8/24 – Southern MS/AL/LA Local ForecastI hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! Hurricane Beryl made landfall last night along the Texas coastline and has now weakened to a tropical depression. A few showers and thunderstorms are possible tonight, but impacts will be minimal. Slightly below-average temperatures and lower dew points are likely for the rest of the work week before the warmth returns this weekend.

Gulfport, MS10 hours ago



Meridian man pleads guilty to a felony gun chargeMERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Southern District of Mississippi, Ernest Quintez Clark, 24, a convicted felon, pled guilty July 8, to possessing a firearm as a convicted felon. Clark was found in possession of a handgun while at a Meridian High School football game...

Meridian, MS11 hours ago



MPD makes an armed robbery arrestMERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - According to the Meridian Police Department, Marlus Winters, 22, was arrested on July 1. Winters is being charged with two counts of armed robbers. Detective Chanetta Stevens says he is responsible for a robbery that happened June 3 in the 300 block of Hwy 19 North.

Meridian, MS12 hours ago


WTOKReconciliation Week Lemonade Day Press Conference

Meridian, MS13 hours ago


WTOKParticipants arrive at the Evangel Temple for the Distinguished Young Women of Mississippi program

Meridian, MS16 hours ago


WTOKCommunity Vacation Bible School Offered July 15-19 at Velma Young Center in Meridian

Meridian, MS15 hours ago


WTOKFinancial Fitness Friday Remote Deposit Capture

Meridian, MS21 hours ago



Hot and muggy start but breezy tomorrowMERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Rain will increase tomorrow but isolated afternoon showers are expected today. Clouds creep in as we prepare for showers and possible storms. Heat advisory is in effect with feel-like temperatures near 105 due to heat index. Tomorrow will be a breezy Tuesday with wind gusts near 25 mph, which is a rare day for us in this month of July. Rainy days remain but later on in the week we have some sunnier conditions coming our way, so for now keep an umbrella and raincoat around. Temperatures will remain in the low 90s and hopefully to stay clear of a heat advisory for the remainder of the week.

Meridian, MS22 hours ago



Members of the community came out for the Hope ProjectMERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - On Sunday evening Hope City Church hosted an event on Meridian City Hall lawn. Members of the church and people of the city attended the event as they were able to sing, pray, and have the opportunity to get baptized. Hands were raised, eyes were closed,...

Meridian, MS1 day ago


Biloxi Sun HeraldSun Herald contest will crown the Mississippi Coast’s cutest dog. Here’s how to enterAll very good boys and girls are eligible, but only subscribers can vote.

2 hours ago


Mississippi TodayNew STEM school matches governor’s plans for Mississippi

7 hours ago


The Associated PressBrett Favre is asking an appeals court to reinstate his defamation lawsuit against Shannon SharpeNEW ORLEANS (AP) — Lawyers for retired NFL quarterback Brett Favre will ask a federal appeals court Tuesday to revive a defamation lawsuit Favre filed against a fellow Pro Football of Fame member, former tight end Shannon Sharpe, amid the backdrop of a Mississippi welfare scandal that is one of the state’s largest public corruption cases.

8 hours ago


Louisiana’s top coastal official wants to ‘rock the coast’ from Mississippi to TexasJEFFERSON PARISH, La. (WVUE) - On a random morning in Grand Isle, charter boat captain Mike Guidry watches the surf pound against a series of segmented rocks that guard camps near the beach. “People always associate hurricanes with destruction,” said Guidry as he surveyed the rocks from his boat. “Well,...

Grand Isle, LA8 hours ago


Local team to represent Mississippi in Dixie Youth World SeriesA local team is going to represent the state in the Dixie Youth World Series. Local team to represent Mississippi in Dixie Youth World Series. A local team is going to represent the state in the Dixie Youth World Series.

8 hours ago


CBS 42Hot and humid with storms from Beryl’s outer rain band Tuesday, Turning less humid WednesdayTuesday: The remnants of Beryl will move into the Middle Mississippi River Valley on Tuesday. Feeder bands into the center of the low will move into Alabama during the afternoon and evening. A few storms could be noisy with loud thunder, frequent lightning, heavy rain, and gusty winds. It will be hot and humid with […]

8 hours ago


Fox 8Coast in Crisis: CPRA chief wants to 'rock the coast' from Mississippi to Texas

10 hours ago


WLBTMan ‘briefly’ escapes Mississippi jail, but returns by climbing wall

10 hours ago


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