How to Say "Put on a Shirt" in Spanish: A Comprehensive Guide - How To Say Guide (2024)

When learning a new language, it’s important to master everyday phrases that can come in handy in various situations. One such phrase you’ll often need is “put on a shirt.” In this guide, we’ll explore the different ways to express this in Spanish, covering both formal and informal variations. We’ll also provide regional tips, examples, and useful phrases to enrich your vocabulary. So, let’s dive in!

1. “Put on a Shirt” in Spanish: Formal Ways

In formal scenarios or when addressing someone with utmost respect, you’ll use different phrasings to convey the idea of “putting on a shirt.” Here are a few options:

  1. Ponte una camisa. – This is a straightforward and commonly used phrase for “put on a shirt” in formal Spanish. It can be used in various regions and is suitable for most situations. Remember, ponte refers to the imperative form of the verb “poner” (to put).
  2. Vístete con una camisa. – Another formal way to say “put on a shirt” is by using vístete, which means “dress yourself.” This phrase emphasizes the action of dressing and is often used when speaking with respect, such as in professional settings.
  3. Colócate una camisa. – This expression, using colócate (put on) followed by the noun una camisa (a shirt), can also be used formally. It suggests a sense of elegance and is commonly heard in formal events or fine dining settings.

2. “Put on a Shirt” in Spanish: Informal Ways

For casual conversations or when speaking to friends, family, or peers, you may choose more informal phrases to say “put on a shirt” in Spanish. Here are a few common ways:

  1. Ponte una camiseta. – Similar to the formal version, this phrase is commonly used in informal contexts. It simply replaces the word “shirt” with camiseta (t-shirt), making it more suitable for relaxed situations between friends or family members.
  2. Métete una camisa. – In some Latin American regions, particularly in Mexico and parts of Central America, you might hear this phrase. Métete is the informal form of “put on” or “get into” and is often used among friends in a casual setting.
  3. Ponte una playera. – In Mexico and some Central American countries, playera is a widely used term for “t-shirt.” So, if you’re in these regions, using ponte una playera instead of camiseta will sound more natural and colloquial.

3. Regional Variations and Tips

Spanish is spoken in numerous countries, and slight variations in vocabulary and usage can be found. Here are a few regional tips and variations to enrich your understanding:

Spain: In Spain, the term “put on a shirt” is colloquially expressed as pontear una camisa. Though less common, it might be heard in certain regions.

Mexico: In addition to the phrases mentioned earlier, you’ll also come across the phrase ponte una chamarra for “put on a jacket.” “Chamarra” is the Mexican term for a jacket.

Argentina: In Argentina, you might hear the informal phrase ponete un buzito or ponete un buzo to say “put on a hoodie.” “Buzito” or “buzo” both refer to a hoodie or sweatshirt.

4. Useful Phrases and Examples

Beyond the basic phrase “put on a shirt,” expanding your vocabulary with related phrases will greatly benefit your Spanish conversations. Here are a few examples:

  • Ponte algo formal. – Put on something formal.
  • ¿Me puedes ayudar a abotonar la camisa? – Can you help me button up my shirt?
  • Me quedé sin camisetas limpias. Tendré que ponerme una sucia. – I ran out of clean t-shirts. I’ll have to put on a dirty one.
  • Ahora que hace frío, ponte una camisa de manga larga. – Now that it’s cold, put on a long-sleeved shirt.

Remember to adapt these phrases based on the formality of the situation and the region where you are.


Now you have a variety of ways to express “put on a shirt” in Spanish, both formally and informally. Don’t forget to consider regional variations, but also keep in mind that most phrases will be understood throughout the Spanish-speaking world. Expand your knowledge by exploring related vocabulary and using the examples provided. Practice these phrases regularly to enhance your fluency and confidence in Spanish!

¡Buena suerte! (Good luck!)

How to Say "Put on a Shirt" in Spanish: A Comprehensive Guide - How To Say Guide (2024)
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