Discord Commands - A Complete List & Guide (2024)

There is no doubt about it – at the moment, Discord is the best gaming communication app on the market. It boasts servers with an emphasis on privacy, easy-to-use commands, and a bunch of other things that you may find convenient. In fact, although it is still primarily used by gamers, many people use Discord outside of gaming.

Most useful of all, Discord brings a lot of cool commands to the table. If you type a command correctly into aserver, you can make a lot of different things happen.

How Are Discord Commands Used

Discord commands are simple and straightforward to use. They are all typed into server chat boxes.

Most of them are very useful in a variety of situations, while others are plain fun. Below, you will find some basic Discord commands to get you started.

A Comprehensive List of Discord Commands

This list does not comprise all commands that are available on Discord. These are only some of the most frequently used options. You can also create your own custom commands to use on Discord, but more on this later.

The most basic rule behind every single one of these commands, and what separates a command from a regularpiece of chat text, is the “/” key. Every single command starts with the “/” key and with no space after it.

The commands we mention below will feature square brackets, but you do not need to use the square brackets when using commands on Discord.

Find a GIF Quickly

The latest Discord iteration offers the GIF icon that lets you select a gif to send to a server or a chat. However, you can also send GIFs from Giphy using the “/giphy [something]” command. Some people do not mind moving their hands from the keyboard and clicking the GIF icon next to the chatbox. Others prefer to keep their hands on the keyboard at all times. If you are one of the latter, the “giphy” command might be ideal for you.

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Change the Nickname

Some chat channels might assign you a nickname when you enter them. Alternatively, you can change your handle on a particular channel. Think of it as the Messenger chat – in each conversation, you can have a different nickname. Now, you could change your nickname by navigating to the particular server, expanding the options, and navigating to the Change Nickname entry, but where is the fun in that?

Now, you could change your nickname by navigating to the particular server, expanding the options, and navigating to the Change Nickname entry, but where is the fun in that?

By typing “/nick [enter new nickname here],” you will change your nick on the particular server you have typed the command on much, much quicker. Plus, typing in commands looks and feels much sleeker than using the mouse for such things.

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In order to use this function, the permissions will need to be toggled on. Under the Roles tab in the Server Settings, an Admin can set the permission ‘Change Nickname.’ There is also a ‘Manage Nicknames’ option which allows users to change each other’s names.

Instruct Discord to Read Your Message

Now, this is a big one. Let us say that your microphone stops working during a voice channel chat. Maybe you are working on a different computer, or perhaps your mic has malfunctioned. How can you let everybody know? Yes, you could type out an explanation, but what good will that do? It is not like anyone doing the voice chat will be watching the voice channel text chat.

Luckily, there is a quick command that can read aloud what you type in. Plus, it will tell everybody on the voice chat who the message came from. Oh, and it will leave the standard text message on the voice channel.

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To use this command, type in “tts [your message to everyone].” The automated voice will read your message aloud so that everyone can hear it. It will not sound very sophisticated and natural, but this is awesome for joining in on discussions when you do not have a mic, or for informing everyone that you can not talk because your mic is not working.

This is another one that requires proper permission before it will work. Check with the Server Admin to turn the feature on.

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Let Everyone Know When You’re AFK

Whatever the reason for you stepping out of your gaming chair, we are sure that it is an emergency. Your teammates, though, might not be as understanding as we are. No matter whether you are in the heat of battle or talking about something important, you might want to allow others to see why you are not available at the moment.

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To set your AFK (Away From Keyboard, for the non-gamers) status, type in “afk set [desired status].” The custom status that you have set should appear whenever someone mentions your nick on the channel.

How Many People

Whether you are an admin or a regular member, you might want to know how many people are on the server at any particular moment. Sure, the menu to the right of the screen will list the online and offline members, but if a server has a lot of customized member groups, you will have to resort to math to find out how many people are on a specific server.

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Well, not with the “/membercount” command! Using this command, an admin, and even a regular member, can learn how many people areconnected to the server at the moment.

Other Commands

There are several other commands you can use in Discord. When you type the ‘/’ a helpful list will even appear. Here are a few more that are just useful or fun:

“/Me” – When you type this command it emphasizes any text you insert afterward.

/Spoiler” – This hides the content you type after the command. For those times you want to send sensitive information without ruining the ending for everyone else.

/Tableflip” – For when you really need to express your outrage and flip a table in Komani code. Resolved the issue? Simply type “/Unflip” to set the table back up.

/Shrug” – Shrug it off in Konami code.

Aside from these there are a lot more commands available with Bots.

How to Create Custom Discord Commands

Unfortunately, creating custom Discord commands on your own might be a tad too complicated. It involves coding, and it may not be something that you want to delve into right now. The coding custom commands method will not be explained here, as it is a fair bit complex. However, with dedication and thorough research, you might be able to pull it off.

How to Use Bot Commands

Discord bots are a very useful feature on the platform, particularly for automating stuff. You can programthem to do things based on various events. For instance, a bot can be programmed to automatically remove anyone from the server who uses a particularword or phrase.

There are some basic bots that come with Discord. There is not much use for them, though, as they are mostly there to help you learn the Discord ropes.

In order to gain access to more useful Discord bot commands, you are going to have to go outside of Discord. Maybe you are looking for a moderation bot. Maybe you are looking for one to add more flair to the server, a bot for music? Art?

There is a wide variety of Discord bots available out there, and they are usually very easy to add. Well, as long as you have found a link to it, that is. This is why you should always add a useful bot immediately when you come across it. And you will come across a lot, make no mistake.

Each bot has a dedicated page that also provides you with an in-detail guide regarding how to add it to a Discord server. Typically, you will just have to log in on the bot’s website using your Discord credentials, select the server, and that’s about it. For example, DYNO Bot allows you to automatically moderate your servers and set new commands right from the Settings.

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Each bot will introduce itself and show you a list of commands that it brings to the table. Memorize them and enjoy them.

How to Make a Discord Bot

Again, we are delving into the world of programming here. If you do not have a coding background or are not willing to sit for hours on end until you have created something, we suggest that you avoid making your own Discord bots. However, if this sparks your interest, we encourage you to go ahead and give it a try – it can be a very good intro to programming.

In any case, to get things started, navigate to the Discord Developer Portal, sign in using your Discordcredentials, and select the option to create a new application. From there, you can follow the guidelines of various online tutorials. Creating bots is nosmall feat for coding beginners.

Additional FAQ

If you have more questions about Discord commands you’re in luck. Keep reading to learn more.

Is Discord really safe?

Yes, Discord is safe. Much safer than many other chat and voice communication apps. You are in control ofevery aspect of messaging restrictions. There are NSFW safety levels to be set, you can program various bots to remove people who use certain unwanted words,and you can find bots out there that specialize in removing spam accounts.

Still, you need to exercise caution on Discord, just as you do on the internet, in general. There is a lotof malicious content lurking around the web – you need to be careful.

How can I find more commands?

One of the simpler ways to scope out commands is simply by typing the ‘/’ into Discord’s text box. A list will appear and you can click on the one that interests you. Some commands are native to Discord while others can be used by adding bots.

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My Commands aren’t working. What’s wrong?

If you’ve typed a command exactly as shown above and it is appearing in the chatbox as written then either the Bot is not set up, the permissions are not on for that action, or you’ve made some sort of typo.

After checking the settings and permissions for both Discord and the Bot you’re using go back and ensure that you have in fact typed it correctly.


Discord commands are very useful features that make your Discord experience much smoother and simpler. You are not obligated to use them, but they will bring a lot of ease to the platform. The same goes for Discord bots – you do not have to use them, but they will automate a lot of stuff for you.

Which of the mentioned Discord commands have you used before? Which ones from the list do you plan on using down the line? Have you found a cool bot that you care to share with us? Let us know about anything Discord-related in the comments section below.

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Discord Commands - A Complete List & Guide (2024)
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